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Hush: Secret Societies in Revolutions

Revolutions and secret societies have long shared a connection. Whether through military action or fostering divergent thought, these organisations have played key roles in several revolutions around the world.

The Tassradan Trail: The Future of Fray

Journey into the Tassradan Trail is the first expansion for Fray, featuring three new suits, and new movement-based abilities that change the game.

Red Sky at Night, Builder’s Delight

A deep dive into how climate effects architecture, and how we can use that in our worldbuilding. Presented by Worldbuilding Magazine.

Building Systems of Tanistry

We aim to explore an often neglected succession system, tanistry, and explore how it can be applied to your writing and worldbuilding.

Dev Diary—The Art of Fray

An inside look at the development of art and design of Fray, from the earliest iteration before Smunchy Games' involvement to its final form.

Dev Diary – Paths: World of Aida PGB 1.8.8

It has been a long and satisfying year. While we’ve had our bumps and bruises, experienced burnout, and run into numerous complications, the developmental work for the Path: World of Adia Player’s Guidebook is done. I can’t describe how incredibly happy we all are to check off the final items on our to-do list. While we enjoy working on the game, everything needs to come to an end. After all, we w...[Read More]

Dev Diary—Fray: Design Goals

The design philosophy of Fray, details on how the card's power and effects were assigned, and a glimpse at some of the game's strategy.

Avatars of the Divine

Gods do not exist solely in their ivory towers or temples. People throughout history surrounded themselves with depictions of their faith—and continue to do so today.

Dev Diary—Fray: Humble Origins

The origins and story behind Fray, a card game by Smunchy Games coming to Kickstarter March 3rd, 2020.

Dev Diary – Paths: World of Aida PGB 1.8.7

The long-awaited patch is finally here, the Equipment update. We have about a month of development left on Paths before we send it off to the editors and formatters. The good news is that we are on schedule. The light is at the end of the tunnel. You can check out the latest version of Paths Player’s Guidebook here. This includes character sheets, patch notes, and the Player’s Guidebook. What this...[Read More]

Blood for Money: the Origins of the Mercenary

This article presented by by B. K. Bass “Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.”—Frederick the Great, Prussian King (1712-1786) Everybody has likely heard the phrase “the world’s oldest profession” associated with prostitution. However, that phrase originates from the 1889 short story “On the City Wall” by Rudyard Kipling. While there are ancient references to the occupation of ...[Read More]

Dev Diary – Paths: World of Adia PGB 1.8.6

It has been a very long year for us here on the Paths team, and we still have several more months of hard work to go. I first updated the Assassin class back in March before the Kickstarter. Since then I have been working to update every single class. A heavy burden has been lifted off of this team as the final classes are making their way into the book. We can finally focus on fixing the other is...[Read More]

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