Comic Indie Con November 3, 2018! Here we come!

Comic Indie Con November 3, 2018! Here we come!

Hey Houston Texas! We will be at Comic Indie Con, Table #19 demoing all of our games and prototypes! 

 Demo Games List 

Paths: World of Adia RPG
Paths: Temple of Ukro’kaah
Paths: Factions
Rift Shifters board game
Rift Shifters (A micro Game)
Yesterday’s War (A Pangea Games game)

And for all of you book readers, the latest Paths Novella will be with us too! Paths: A War Drum of Death, written by Sean Fallon, edited by Emily Blain, and published by Tychis Media. 

BUT WAIT! There’s more! 

On top of all of that, we will be giving a 30-minute presentation on stage about the Paths: World of Adia RPG, talking about the game mechanics, what roleplaying games are, and the world and lore itself behind the game and Adia. ????‍♂️????‍♀️

Fun right? Join us in Houston at Comic Indie Con November 3rd, 2018!

We’ll see ya there! 

Learn more about Comic Indie Con at http://comicindie.com/con/

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