Paths: World of Adia Trade Trouble Closed Preview

Paths: World of Adia Trade Trouble Closed Preview

When merchant carts stop arriving as scheduled the people of Nethandre Star to call for action. This arrives in the form of a young Fire Crest Elf Beast Master and a group of intrepid adventurers. Will your path lead you to an answer for the trouble on the trade route?

Paths: World of Adia Trade Trouble is one of our first group modules with classic Game Master game play that gives you the experience of your first new steps into the world of Adia with your group of friends.

This closed preview for our new Trade Trouble module will begin March 16, 2019, and end on April 20, 2019. This also means that anyone who signs up to preview Trade Trouble will also get a first look at the new updates that have gone into the 1.8 version of the Player Guidebook!

Anyone who is a Patron of the Smunchy Games Club Patreon that has subscribed at the $2 level or higher will automatically be considered for playtesting.

Join us on our discord in the #game-masters channel! https://discord.gg/BfssuVU


If you are a live streamer, someone who is looking to play this with your group at a game night, or a gamer where this is your first Tabletop RPG ever and want to give it a go with your friends – Sign-up to join the closed beta below!

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