Paths: World of Adia is live on Kickstarter!

Paths rpg system

It has been many years that we’ve been in development. It has been even longer when it comes to the story and lore of Adia and the time has finally come!

Paths: World of Adia, our first game and tabletop RPG is live on Kickstarter! You can find it here and learn more about Paths: World of Adia https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smunchygames/paths-world-of-adia-tabletop-rpg?ref=ucl197

Paths rpg system
Secrets of Tynordane GM-in-a-box adventure and Player Guidebook

Progression System

We’re introducing a fresh take on the traditional Race/Class/Skill system by introducing our Path Progression System. With it, players can deeply explore the development of their character with experience progression that is truly dynamic. Path Points are but one of the options players have when spending experience. They can also change their encounter decks, purchase new talents, or explore completely new paths. These options cater to the enrichment of mechanic-focused and story-focused players alike, allowing changes that could be used to round out meta game balancing or change your character based on how they have developed in their journeys. 

Combat and Skill

Combat and Skill checks are handled with our Paths Spirit system. Players roll three eight-sided dice to determine their total along with various bonuses applied to each check. This system offers a stacking critical success and failure system to allow for truly heroic and heart-breaking moments of play. Our stacking crit system adds an extra die of damage for every max value hit roll. For GMs, or parties without a GM, that want to let chance take the lead we have devised behavior charts specialized to each monster and an aggro system to influence the flow of combat. 

Encounter Handling

Paths uses an Encounter Card system; all your actions in combat are determined by cards that you play. This allows for players to arrange their turns together and encourage cooperative actions in battle instead of focusing on a multi-phase turn. The Paths you take can augment the cards in your hand and allow for combinations of cards that can activate unique abilities for every Path. It also allows GMs more flexibility in managing encounters on the fly as their players react and interact with their environment.

Threat and Aggro Scale

The goal of this feature is to encourage players of all experience levels to be able to have a smooth means by which to join both established and new groups. To this end, we have developed a sliding scale for our threat rating. This is a tool provided for players and GMs to balance encounters so that they can be implemented with confidence no matter the amount of progression or variability of party composition.


The world of Adia needs adventurers and understands the limits players have in their personal lives. We’ve developed a system where players can play together, even without a Game Master. Branching choices and required checks are handled within the module itself. This allows for groups or a single player to interact with the world and progress even when real life gets in the way.

Story Cards
Creature and Conflict cards

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