Into the Fray, we go!

Into the Fray, we go!

Fray is a quick little card game that plays in roughly 5 – 10 minutes and is one of the most fun we’ve personally had playing a small card game in forever. More importantly for those of you that are RPG Game Masters, you will be able to include Fray in your campaigns when running narratives with your group!

Fray, designed by Adam Bassett, is a great form of passion that Adam has for card game design and game design in general. Adam has brought a card game to the table that has won hearts over with our playtesters, and let me tell you, that is extremely hard to do.

Smunchy Games’ gamers know when a game is good and when a game isn’t. The judgment so far has been a 10 out of 10 and we are blown away by such a positive response. Why do we want playtesters that are extra critical and have a deep understanding of games? The reason is that those traits will make our games better. If you are a gamer and feel like you have a great grasp on what makes a great game – signup with us on the Fray page to get notified when we introduce our Ambassador program this fall.

Want to try out Fray in person? Fray will be at Origins game fair from June 12 – 16. Find anyone with a Smunchy Games T-shirt at the unpub event or walking the floor and they will be able to point you to our Fray experts.

Can’t attend origins but want to try Fray anyway? Join us on the Smunchy Games discord and you will be the first to know when Fray hits Tabletop Simulator!

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