Dev Diary – Paths: World of Aida PGB 1.8.7

Dev Diary – Paths: World of Aida PGB 1.8.7

The long-awaited patch is finally here, the Equipment update. We have about a month of development left on Paths before we send it off to the editors and formatters. The good news is that we are on schedule. The light is at the end of the tunnel.

You can check out the latest version of Paths Player’s Guidebook here. This includes character sheets, patch notes, and the Player’s Guidebook.

What this Patch Covers

For this round, we overhauled the Equipment for Paths. They are not drastically different, but a few things have been improved upon.

Pricing and Weights

Across the board, we have updated the price and weights of all equipment. We determined the best way to calculate the cost of goods was to scale it off of a single good. In our case, we scaled it off of a single ration as that is the cost to feed a size 1 creature for a day. This gives us a rough guess for the cost of labor per day. For weights, we wanted to get a more realistic value for the weights. We have also updated the crafting rules to reflect these changes.

Adventuring Gear

Aside from updating the prices and weights, we have gone through all of our adventuring gear to give rules and descriptions of each item. We wanted each item to give something to the players that go out of their way to pick them up, even if it is a minor help. The rules give a foundation for what they can do, but we tried to leave as much open-ended for creative use.

One area that we know we have not done justice for in the Player’s Guidebook are maps. Currently, we only have the ability to create regional maps. While we haven’t listed a way to make larger maps, for the time being we are leaving that up to GMs to determine. My hope is that we can explore cartography in greater detail later.


Overall, weapons have not received a ton of updates. We added a few new weapons to give more variety (like two new staffs) and created two new weapon properties. These changes were made more for future use and for people creating their own weapons at home. The properties section for weapons is an area that we can expand on in future expansions and is a place that homebrewers can have fun with.


Arguably the section that received the most changes was our armor. The first big change was the addition of armor properties. As I mentioned about weapons, the properties section gives us an area that we can expand upon. 

Next was an overhaul of the armor values. Before, if you had every armor piece equipped of an armor type you could get up to around 39 in physical armor or magical armor. Before taking into account several of the class abilities that let you add to these values, this meant that with common gear you could easily have more armor than your opponent would throw at you. To make future armor more appealing, we reduced these values across the board. 

With a full set of gear now, you should only reach a maximum of roughly 15 (without the use of a shield). We came to this number by looking at 2d6 (a standard number for many of our weapons) + 5 (a STR or AGI score of 50). This averaged to 12 (3.5 per d6 + 5) and we rounded up to 15 to account for class abilities. 

In these new armor rules, we updated the Block mechanic as well. Previously it added the PA and MA of the shield to your overall stat, which arguably was not the best. Since we looked at Block last we did not have the fortune and misfortune mechanic. Now the shields always add their PA and MA as long as they are equipped and Block is more useful. We wanted to make the shields strong to help reflect just how important they were. Naturally, this change forced us to update a few abilities in the classes, primarily the Paladin, Ranger, and Warrior classes.

Removed Tables

Over the last few patches, we have removed a few tables from the Player’s Guidebook that previously were in the Equipment section. These were things like Instruments, Vehicles, Animals, and Trade Goods. For these items, we wanted to include them in some future books. One of these books we are currently developing to add more lore and the book will let us get more options for some of these tables. 

What’s Next

Luckily, this section of the Dev Diaries is getting shorter and shorter. We have three main things that we still have to do before the bulk of work on the Player’s Guidebook is complete. We will sadly only have one more public beta version before the book heads off to our editors. Even with that, we still want as much feedback as possible as we will be working to make minor changes to the book until we have to ship it off to the printers.

The first item on our to-do list is our creature update. I mentioned this in the last Dev Diary but I did not mention that we had some extra work that needed to be done for the Preproduction phase of our next core book: Creatures & Curiosities. I worked on overhauling how our creatures are made, which involves a complicated spreadsheet I’ve been dubbing our “Adia Monster Lab”. We will be refining this a bit more with the creatures that are in the Player’s Guidebook and for our modules that are close to completion. These will need extensive playtesting to make sure they are as close to what we calculate as possible. The sad truth is that no matter how we stat creatures, encounter balance will never be perfect. We can at least hope to get close. With this portion of the update, we will also be updating the Beast Master’s Beast Taming path a bit.

The second thing we have been working on is updating the spells. To date, the number of spells we’ve had has not been satisfactory for the team. The team has been hard at work developing a slew of new spells that we hope to release for our final update. Our estimate for a final spell count will be around 248 spells. This is to give several options each time you get a new spell from your paths. These too will need extensive playtesting and we expect to be tweaking spells up until printing.

The final item on our to-do list is to go over feedback (which honestly is a continuous process) and to do a final review of the book. We plan to read through every line and critique everything for consistency. Anyone who has pointed out even the smallest inconsistencies in the book up until now is greatly appreciated. We want to make the experience of reading through the book a pain-free one. We are nearly at the stage of just polishing the Player’s Guidebook.

Once again I feel the need to say this: please, do not be afraid to give us feedback. We listen to every piece that is sent in to us, analyze its implications, and make corrections where we think are necessary. Without your feedback, we have no idea what you think of Paths or why something makes the game unfun for you. 

If you have questions about Paths: World of Adia you can post feedback in the Smunchy Games discord. I also write articles on Nerdolopedia for more specific topics like Game Mastering, Worldbuilding, and Storytelling. You can also find me on twitter.

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