The Tassradan Trail: The Future of Fray

The Tassradan Trail: The Future of Fray

We’re thrilled to announce Journey into the Tassradan Trail, the first expansion for our fast-paced strategy game Fray. With it, we’re adding three new suits that feature new abilities that can damage and move units around the battlefield. We’re incredibly excited about movement in particular—which opens up new strategies and opportunities at every stage of the game.

Ambush your opponents to lower their Power.

A new game-changing ability: Movement!

Meet never-before seen leaders from the world of Adia!

We thought long and hard about how to introduce expansions into Fray, because we knew that we wanted to introduce new ways to play, but the sort of expansion we’re familiar with card games having—large sets of collectable cards—didn’t make much sense for this particular case.

Eventually we settled on packaging sets as standalone experiences. What this means is that the Core Set, which you all successfully supported through Kickstarter earlier in 2020, is not required to play with The Tassradan Trail. Likewise, if the original game didn’t pique your interest, you can skip it and just get the expansion. It was important to us that nobody felt that they had to buy a new set of cards every time we released one. Instead, you should only invest in it if you’re excited about the new mechanics.

We’ll be showing The Tassradan Trail on Twitch and here on the blog as we move forward. Keep an eye out on our social media and here to see more about the expansion and all the exciting new cards within!

Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail comes to Kickstarter later in 2020/2021. Subscribe to get future updates and be notified when the game is available.

*Art & design subject to change.

Adam Bassett is a lead game designer at Smunchy Games (Fray), and a UI designer. He also volunteers with Worldbuilding Magazine, and works on a host of other projects.

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