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Here is a list of Tabletop RPG Resources below. This resource list is filled with Tabletop RPG systems, settings, modules, publishers, blogs, conventions, social media groups, artists, writers, accessories, and other things of importance. This resource page will be regularly updated. If you have something you would like to submit and have it become a part of this list, please contact us at Smunchy...[Read More]

“How well will my game sell?” And other game publisher questions (Part 1)

A small introduction Before we dive too deep into this article, I’d like to introduce myself and give you a little bit of my background and a small window to look through into my life. I’m married to my lovely wife and business partner, and we’re coming up on 11 years this November. We have four children together. Two boys and two girls. I am the founder and CEO of Smunchy Games,...[Read More]

Tide Breaker RPG

Into the Fray, we go!

Fray is a quick little card game that plays in roughly 5 – 10 minutes and is one of the most fun we’ve personally had playing a small card game in forever. More importantly for those of you that are RPG Game Masters, you will be able to include Fray in your campaigns when running narratives with your group! Fray, designed by Adam Bassett, is a great form of passion that Adam has for ca...[Read More]


In Adia We Play For Keeps Life in Adia is filled with trials and upheavals. The wars and political strife can wear anyone down. For times like this, many will slink to their favorite tavern and drop a flagon of mead down their gullet—or retreat to their study and relax with some wine. No matter who you are, or where you come from, one thing is shared among the many cultures within Adia: everyone e...[Read More]

Writer Submissions

This is an extremely exciting time as we are finishing up our Player’s Guidebook for Paths: World of Adia, our First Traditional Module Trade Trouble, and our first GM-in-a-box module Secrets of Tynordane. Because of this Smunchy Games is looking for more writers!  Here are a few requirements that you must have in order to have your submission considered:  Have a passion for Tabletop Gam...[Read More]

Paths: World of Adia is live on Kickstarter!

It has been many years that we’ve been in development. It has been even longer when it comes to the story and lore of Adia and the time has finally come! Paths: World of Adia, our first game and tabletop RPG is live on Kickstarter! You can find it here and learn more about Paths: World of Adia https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smunchygames/paths-world-of-adia-tabletop-rpg?ref=ucl197 Progr...[Read More]

Paths: World of Adia Trade Trouble Closed Preview

When merchant carts stop arriving as scheduled the people of Nethandre Star to call for action. This arrives in the form of a young Fire Crest Elf Beast Master and a group of intrepid adventurers. Will your path lead you to an answer for the trouble on the trade route? Paths: World of Adia Trade Trouble is one of our first group modules with classic Game Master game play that gives you the experie...[Read More]

About Us

Tyson Mertlich – Product Manager Projects: Paths: Temple of Ukro’kaah, Rift Shifters expanded universe Tyson is an avid board gamer and has been playing board games his entire life. He is a loving husband and father who has a passion for the board game industry and board game design and has been working on his own designs since 2015. Tyson is one of the founders of the GameSmiths play ...[Read More]


Comic Indie Con November 3, 2018! Here we come!

Hey Houston Texas! We will be at Comic Indie Con, Table #19 demoing all of our games and prototypes!   Demo Games List  Paths: World of Adia RPG Paths: Temple of Ukro’kaah Paths: Factions Rift Shifters board game Rift Shifters (A micro Game) Yesterday’s War (A Pangea Games game) And for all of you book readers, the latest Paths Novella will be with us too! Paths: A War Drum of Death, w...[Read More]

DEVELOPER UPDATES Paths: World of Adia Solo Adventure BETA

Hey everyone! It’s been a great week and we’ve gained a lot of feedback. Thank you for this! Your contributions to the game have been extremely appreciative in this open BETA and we truly couldn’t do this without you. We have had over 250 suggestions, both on and off the google drive folder, and roughly 300 of you participated this last week. WOW! That’s pretty amazing to s...[Read More]

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