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Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail

Journey into the Tassradan Trail is the first expansion for Fray. We're adding three new suits featuring new abilities that can damage and move units.



Podcasts that play Smunchy Games titles. Give them a listen! Parselings: The Forgotten Life is simple In the small town of Stonesend, Maine. Here people go about their daily routines with hardly any deviation. But as thick fog settles upon the town, residents have gone missing and those that have vanished are forgotten. These are strange times in Stonesend. Will our protagonists be able to solve t...[Read More]

Shadow Tantrum

Howdy stranger, welcome to Io’Zaalus, the one miserable planet no human would wanna be condemned to die on. But here we are anyway. Don’t worry, she supports life. Too damn much of it, if you ask me.She looks pretty untamed and empty on the surface, but you can’t set up shop just anywhere: you’re bound to park yourself over some natives if you don’t check underneath your claim. We call them Goblin...[Read More]


Tabletop Games Video Games Coming Soon.


The world has been preoccupied with the rush of technological progress. Relationships and people have fallen by the wayside and have become connections and users. Isolation in cities has become the norm. Nominal City, an old city encircled by a new wall, sits segregated on a peninsula off the mainland.  Nominal City, or The Wellspring of Infection as it later came to be known, began as a dark...[Read More]

Thinking Sideways About Wooden Walls

This article presented by by Robert Meegan While thinking sideways is a great tool for working around an obstacle in your worldbuilding, it can also be useful in other situations. One of these is differentiating your world from everyone else’s. Irrespective of your genre, it’s almost certain that you’re going to come face-to-face with the same needs and constraints that others have faced. What sep...[Read More]

“How well will my game sell?” And other game publisher questions (Part 2)

What you missed in Part 1 If you’re new to this article series, “How well will my game sell? and other game publisher questions” you can read part 1 here. In fact, I highly encourage reading part 1 as what we are about to get into in this article will depend on a few of the topics we had discussed in part 1, such as quick validation and understanding the outcome of your idea. The...[Read More]

Affiliates and Partners

Smunchy Games Affiliates & Partners Worldbuilding Magazine is a free digital publication which publishes original community content with a focus on sharing ideas, educating, and prompting our fellow worldbuilders to expand their work in new ways. We do this through interviews, essays, short fiction, and artist features all from the community. Every issue we publish is available on www.worldbui...[Read More]

Tabletop RPG Resource

Here is a list of Tabletop RPG Resources below. This resource list is filled with Tabletop RPG systems, settings, modules, publishers, blogs, conventions, social media groups, artists, writers, accessories, and other things of importance. This resource page will be regularly updated. If you have something you would like to submit and have it become a part of this list, please contact us at Smunchy...[Read More]

“How well will my game sell?” And other game publisher questions (Part 1)

A small introduction Before we dive too deep into this article, I’d like to introduce myself and give you a little bit of my background and a small window to look through into my life. I’m married to my lovely wife and business partner, and we’re coming up on 11 years this November. We have four children together. Two boys and two girls. I am the founder and CEO of Smunchy Games,...[Read More]

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