Life in Adia is filled with trials and upheavals. The wars and political strife can wear anyone down. For times like this, many will slink to their favorite tavern and drop a flagon of mead down their gullet—or retreat to their study and relax with some wine. No matter who you are, or where you come from, one thing is shared among the many cultures within Adia: everyone enjoys a game of cards.

Created during the First Abyssal Wars by the soldiers who fought on the front lines, Into the Fray quickly grew into a beloved pastime. They brought the game to their homes, played with their families, and it changed over the years. What we have today is representative of that original game, making use of and honoring the races who entered the fray during those brutal times: the Dwarves, Duanine, and Bjorn.

Fray core set with playmat

Battlefields in Your Pocket

Fray is a fast-paced strategy card game wherein players contest over a 3×3 battlefield, playing powerful units and casting signature spells to gain control. The game is contained within a small 30-card deck, and can be learned in just a few minutes! Rounds of Fray are generally short as well, making it an ideal game to pass a few minutes—or challenge your friends to a tournament and see who comes out on top!

Fray is set within Adia, the setting for our tabletop role-playing game Paths: World of Adia, and it is compatible with that game. For example, imagine that your adventuring party needs some information to proceed. There is a shady gentleman who frequents a tavern that might have answers for you, but he’s not interested in giving information away. He’ll consider telling you what he knows, but first you need to beat him in a card game. Suddenly, in the middle of your adventure, you and your firends break out Fray, and play it in character with the goal of defeating this fellow and proceeding through the story. Rounds only take a few minutes, and soon you’ll either have your information…or need to figure out another way to acquire it.

The deck contains three suits: the Dwarves, Duanine, and Bjorn. These three are the first peoples of Adia. Their units (numbered cards) share the same abilities, but feature very different signature spells. These change gameplay dramatically, allowing for powerful effects that can swing the game in your favor.

One of the most important aspects of Fray is unit placement on the 3×3 grid. Consider where you’ll place your troops carefully! You have a limited number of them, and if you’re not careful your opponent may be able to turn your Units against you.

Whether it’s as a part of your Paths game, or just for fun, Fray provides an engaging experience that challenges each player in a multitude of ways. Want to see it in action? Check out these awesome videos that a few people made talking about and reviewing Fray:

Fray Game Review by Circle of Nerds
A How to Play Guide from the Dice Tower

Fray Expansions

The Core Set of Fray is currently being shipped to all of our Kickstarter supporters. It will become available soon on our store. While we’re working on that, we wanted to share with you some information about the future of Fray, and that requires us to look at the Tassradan Trail.

The first Fray expansion, Journey into the Tassradan Trail, is expected to become available for order later in 2020. It functions as a separate game from the Core Set discussed here, adding new abilities, spells, and strategies. You can learn more by visiting our dedicated page for the expansion.

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