Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail

Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail

Welcome to the Tassradan Trail! You’ll meet a number of unusual characters within the forest, not all of whom are friendly. Among them: the noble Cenzai, guardians of nature; the Fire Crest Elves, masters of navigation and hunting; and the possibly mad Uwakuun, who don masks adorned with feathers and tusks taken from the Paradisian and Tuskaar who live nearby.

The traders and honest working folk shouldn’t trouble you much. But the warriors and—frankly—all of the Uwakuun should be dealt with a fair amount of caution. One wrong movement and you may end up in a dire position.

Journey into the Tassradan Trail is the first expansion for Fray. With it, we’re adding three new suits featuring new abilities that can damage and move units. We’re incredibly excited about movement in particular—which opens up new combos and opportunities at every stage in the game. The Tassradan Trail keeps the basic rules of Fray, but the way it’s played is wholly changed.

Ambush your opponents to lower their Power.

A new game-changing ability: Movement!

Meet never-before seen leaders from the world of Adia!

Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail comes to Kickstarter later in 2020/2021. Subscribe to get future updates and be notified when the game is available.

*Art & design subject to change.


But Fray isn’t even out yet.

We know. At the time of this writing, COVID-19 set us back a bit, but we’re getting back on track! We’re planning to print the cards this month, and deliver everything as soon as possible. So, if you got a copy of Fray from our Kickstarter, you should have it soon. If you didn’t get the chance to get a copy then, the original set of Fray will be available on our digital store, as well as in future Kickstarter events.

Understandable. So, how do Fray expansions work?

Fray expansion packs are almost entirely new and self-contained games. Almost every card has been re-designed, and we’ve swapped out the suits from last time for three new ones. Expansions—perhaps most notably—also delve into a new kind of gameplay. In order to achieve that with The Tassradan Trail, we’ve added a new keyword: Move.

Okay, so do I need to own prior sets of Fray to play with the expansion?

Not at all! We wanted to expand on Fray without making anyone feel like they had to buy into something new to get the full experience. Therefore, we treat each expansion as its own game. If you enjoyed Fray you’re more than welcome to get The Tassradan Trail, but you don’t need to. Similarly, if the last set didn’t appeal to you, you can jump into this one without needing to get any others!

I’ve ordered the Fray playmat. Can I use it for the expansion?

Fray playmats are designed to work with any set of Fray cards. We have no plans to fundamentally change the 3×3 battlefield games take place upon, so you should have no troubles with this.

If I have multiple sets, can I mix them together?

We believe the best experiences come from each set, self-contained. However, if you would like to mix and match sets, you’re certainly welcome to! The only rule is that each deck contains 30 cards/3 suits. So, if you want to include the Dwarves from the core set, you need to remove a suit from The Tassradan Trail.

Why The Tassradan Trail?

We knew going into this expansion that we wanted to play with movement, and in the process of designing the cards we had a clear image of some Adian creatures darting through the trees, ambushing opponents, and generally being nimble. Tassradan was the perfect setting for that sort of vision. The forest is vast, and its inhabitants brought an exciting new look to the game.

What’s Movement?

When you move a unit, it has to already be in play, and can only move orthogonally (up, down, left, or right—not diagonally). Doing so enables you to make the most of your cards, converting units that your opponent thought were safe, or lining up the perfect Ambush!

I love ambushing my friends. When can I get it?

Truthfully, we hit a snag. As mentioned above, COVID-19 has set everything back around the world, and things are harder to predict now. We can’t give any strict dates at this time, but you can be sure we’ll let you know as soon as we can. Subscribe to Smunchy Games so that you’re notified when Fray: Journey into the Tassradan Trail is available—likely more on that in late 2020/2021.

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