Paths: Temple of Ukro’Kaah

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Paths: Temple of Ukro'Kaah is a dungeon crawling board game with deck building elements for 1 - 6 players.


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Playable Characters

Akkenta the Tuskaar Necromancer

Danilkar, Orc Paladin, commander of the Fireforge

Kaodro Sieguh, Duanine Priest of the Silver Shards

Nayaleeta, Dwarf Warrior, Protector of the Azashael Covenant

Maetra Andeoshen and her Legendary Hydra Gauzmai

Aiden Hausdrow, the best damn mage to have ever lived

Monsters and Creatures

Pygmy Uwakuun

Hulking Uwakuun

Ihaguum Brute


The Smunchy

Alpha Blind Screamer

The Temple of Ukro'Kaah

I peered out over the thick jungle ravine. Fog blanketed the area, and jungle grunting sounds, with some high pitched animal like screeches, could be heard in the distance. A temple’s top protrudes from the thick fog.  Gold carvings of Uwakuun masks and hanging vines covered the top of the temple. The mask carvings changed in a pattern going around the top of temple. Some were happy and joyous, while others were angry and sad. Feathers and tusks seemed to be the core decoration of this culture’s mask.

The fog cleared and a large golden temple was fully exposed. Vines and vegetation covered the temple. The Uwakuun could be seen carrying on their daily tasks. Gathering fruit, and decorating their belongings with feathers, tusk, and bone. These were tiny Uwakuun that were carrying out these tasks and wore the angry or sad looking masks. The larger Uwakuun wore the happier, joyful masks. They were building homes, standing guard of the temple and moving large baskets of the fruit gathered by the smaller Uwakuun.

The Uwakuun ranged in many different colors, but were all solid colors: Pinks, blacks, greens, blues, reds, purples. However, there was only one golden Uwakuun. This Uwakuun sat on a throne outside of the temple, and their mask was large, colorful, beautiful, and terrifying all at the same time. The Golden UWakuun was a massive Uwakuun, larger than any other race of people seen here in Adia. He held a large spear, and at the end of it was a four-pronged tip, where the prongs were far enough apart to deal a very serious wound. Beautifully colored feathers dangled from the spear, and a golden swirl wrapped around it, with small carvings of the same masks on the top of the temple patterned on it.

“ Hey, boy. Don’t be getting too close to that ledge there. We don’t need any Uwakuun trouble today. “

Grondthor was a large Orc. Even the slightest move would make his muscles bulge from his neck, down to his feet. Although he was not very sophisticated with words, his fighting style was elegant and precise.

“ Hey! Boy! Did ya hear me? Get away from that edge! Uwakuun can see far, over mountains and through forests. You don’t want any of that right now.”

I stepped away from the edge and sat down next to camp. I began to start piling my belongings into my bag.

“Grondthor, why are the Uwakuun so dangerous?” I was only curious, in these 16 years of my life, I’ve never encountered an Uwakuun outside the walls of Rokdom’Nar, or really anywhere for that matter.

Grondthor stopped what he was doing and looked up at me. “ Are ya serious about that?”

I nodded slowly and a bit confused at the question, feeling like there’s information I missed out on. “Is it a bad thing that I don’t know about the Uwakuun?”

Grondthor stepped closer and sat down next to me. “Listen, the fact that you know nothing about Uwakuun tells me you’ve never been put in a dangerous situation before, and if that’s true, I need you to listen to me very carefully.”

I’ve never been put in a dangerous situation in my life, and because of that I’m thankful. Although Grondthor’s words terrified me knowing that we could end up in a very bad situation. I don’t know what would happen if I had to defend myself.

Grondthor hands me a sword. “Here.”

“B-but I’ve never used a sword before!” I quickly hand it back.

Grondthor shoves my hand back. “ You will need it.  Especially out here.”

“Fine, I will take it, but I don’t have to like it.”

Grondthor stood up and drew his sword. “C’mon, let’s have a go, yeah? I can teach you to be a great swordsman!”

I didn’t like fighting, let alone fighting with weapons, but I suppose I didn’t have a choice due to the area of the Tassradan Jungle we were in.

“C’mon now boy, put your arms up and swing!”

I raised the sword over my head and lunged and Grondthor, but he was too fast and stepped out of the way. I fell on my face.

“Hey, we can’t have you swinging like that. Can’t have people thinking you’re fussin’ about acting like some kind of frilly teapot now, yeah? Try having another go, yeah?”

I raised my arms up again, but this time I learned my lesson and swung at Grondthor from the side. He was quick again and dodged it. I then spun around swinging from the left and a loud CLAAAANG rang out.

“ Hey! There ya, go boy! Good job!”

A smile spread across my face. I was actually learning to become a real warrior.

Grondthor swung, and I feel back knocking a lantern over and setting the vegetation on fire.

Grondthor rushed over screaming, “Put it out! Put it out! WE DON”T WANT THEM TO KNOW WE’RE HERE!”

I scrambled quickly over to the fire trying to stomp out the fire. A loud hoot and hollers came from the ravine.

I peeked over to see if they had noticed. The Golden Uwakuun stood pointing directly at me, and a horde of Pygmy Uwakuun started to dash straight up the side of the Ravine screaming, “BONES FOR THE SMUNCHY! BONES FOR THE SMUNCHY!”

I panicked, falling backward and kick rock and dirt off the edge of the ravine.

“Grondthor! They’re coming! THEY’RE COMING!”

Grondthor immediately grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet while placing his other hand on the scruff of my shirt. He threw me over his back and began to run. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. It was almost as if the oxygen was sucked straight out of me.

“ BONES FOR THE SMUNCHY! BONES FOR THE SMUNCHY!” The Pygmy Uwakuun shouts began to draw closer as we raced through the Tassradan Jungle.

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