Paths RPG

The World of Adia

Paths is about a world that was once at peace, and is now in turmoil since the King has gone mad and made a pact with Demons, forcing the world into war, forming three different factions. Although there was already prejudice and war within the world of Adia, it has never been at this level before. Tension is rising.

With three warring factions, it has quickly turned into a massive cluster of chaos as the Demons invade from the East, hunting the Necromancers and Undead – while seeking after the Azashael, slaughtering anything and anyone in their path.

The Reformists gather in the west, and the Kinsworn march on the Society and Nethandre Star Kingdom from the South, ready to clash in the North.

Death is becoming re-animated by Necromancers as the quarrel between the Undead and Demons feud, taking this war to unfathomable losses, and levels that were thought to be nothing more but myths told to children to make sure they behave. These Myths, and legends, are more than Adia has ever witnessed, still in disbelief that the Purgatory wars exist of Demons vs. Undead.

Many stand against the Demon Hordes, but still fight one another out of pure rage, and miscommunications through vengeance.

It’s up to you, the Heroes of Adia, to take up the task of abolishing the Demon Hordes, and restore peace all throughout Adia.

Fight alongside the Undead, the Light Forge, the SisterHood, and other legendary groups that have vowed to vanquish the demonic evil from this world.

We only have so much time before the Abyss consumes this planet, as he has tried once before, during his fall. Remove this evil.

If we fail in removing this demonic threat, there is nothing more than the void, and the nightmares that are left within it.

Choose your Path, Hero.

Why Paths?

Paths is a unique RPG game that is designed to simulate a MMORPG experience. While the Roleplaying is something that up to Game Master, the combat mechanics  is something a player can change. Path’s is wanting an active combat system that moves fluidly from person to monster.

However, as per tradition the Game Master will always serve as the master story teller. Going back to the first Role Playing games, a Game Master had a more important job then just refereeing in combat. They set the tone and envision the world along with helping add spice to every npc. The Game Master will be put into a position to help monitor story flow above all else and help players discover their Path.

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