Saint Albany 5

Chapter 1: WarCog 07

You open your eyes and hold your head, waking up a bit, but are unsure where you’re at. A Man runs over to you and begins to help you up, “Whoa! Hey there partner, slow it down. We just pulled you out of the jaws of death there. Take it easy.”

The man helps you stand to your feet with your arm around his shoulder. “Well Soldier, you made it to WarCog 07.”

He let’s go of you and you straighten yourself up a bit realizing a Sergeant just helped you to your feet. You take your position as a lower ranking soldier.

The Sergeant begins to speak and gestures around him, “It’s been described by recruits in the past as an upgraded tin can. It’s not the best looking, but she is definitely fortifiable and though her edges are sharp and rough, we can always depend on her. When running on the floors you can hear CLANK CLANK CLANK, due to your boots slamming down on the hard sheets of metal. Don’t worry about that though soldier, all of the floors are bolted, I can assure you. I bolted them myself.

The halls echo, during chants or drills, and can be rather narrow at times – but hey, what did you expect? We don’t want the fancy Chron getting in here. Bottleneck them and trap them at one point. EMP those suckers and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!” Sergeant Corv laughs and places his hand on one of the rafters. The sound echoes through the hanger with huge Origin ships, tanks, and mechs reflecting the sound in every direction.

The large fans up above kick on and slowly turn, beginning to Spin. Sergeant Corv looks up in disgust and bites down on his cigar, “Who turned those fans on!”. Sergeant Corv shouted, “ It’s already below freezing in here! I swear! I’m going to have someone’s hide!” Sergeant Corv turns to you and says in a calm, yet stern voice, “ Have a look around soldier. Again, it’s not beauty at it’s finest, but it’s what we’re all about. Origin. The Original.”

You look around and notice a small screen with a camera pointed directly at the entirety of the base. Huge smoke Stacks portrayed from the building with huge fans turning and spinning. The cold metal base had solid ridge lines, pieced together as if it were a hazard container that screamed Don’t touch!

Large turrets sit in different corners on the base, and the huge Hangar door was closed shut with a large Origin symbol painted on it. On the door in yellow, a large “07”  is painted on it, near the top right side of the Origin symbol. Every once in awhile the hanger doors slip open to the left and right, allowing starships and fighter jets to land inside.

The wind rustles and sweeps against your uniform every time, and each time it happens you reach down to readjust your armor because it was so incredibly uncomfortable.

You step closer and notice the glowing blue lights coming from within the base, and the large blue lights on top.  There is a watchtower too, with some radio lights on it. You continue to stare closer and realize there are trees, but not any normal trees. These are very foreign to you, almost alien. In fact, they are alien! Upon closer examination, the trees have bent purple swirls running up them, with their base color white, and the leaves of these trees are a pink color of some sorts.

There are three other planets that can be seen in the Saint Albany 5 sky. One is black and red, another is blue and orange, and the last one is this odd mixture of brown and yellow.  The sky is a beautiful shade of green and the grass is almost like a yellowish salmon color.

The Base begins to shake and red lights flash on overhead. A woman’s voice comes over the loudspeaker, sounding very electronic, “CODE RED. ALL UNITS TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. ALL UNITS TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS.”

You slide your helmet on and Sergeant Corv comes running out from the bay doors with a unit of men and women behind him, “Soldier!” You stand in attention and Sergeant Corv places a small device in your hand. the device read, “USE ONLY ON CLA WEAPONRY”.  Sergeant Corv salutes you and stares at you nodding, “Give ’em hell Soldier. GIVE. THEM. HELL.”  You grip the small gadget and run toward the waiting Helo-Pod. Two other soldiers reach out to help you onto the Helo-Pod. The blades are whirring as the pilot is about to begin take-off.

The hangar doors open and there are lasers being fired in every direction at the Helo-Pod. The gunner next to you rattles off his ORAR-BIGZ stationary gun, PAP! PAP! PAP! — bullets are fired into a Chron ship. The Chron ship Crashes into the ground.

As you notice the Ship Crashing, Chron mechs begin to assault the base. You look up and see a Chron Guardgon destroyer spaceship reigning Hell Fire CLA rounds onto your ally Origin ships, crashing and burning, turning them to Ash.

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