Writer Submissions

Here are a few requirements that you must have in order to have your submission considered: 

  • Have a passion for Tabletop Games, RPGs, Board Games, and Card Games.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a good sense of time management and understand deadlines.
  • Is a team player and works well with other team members.

Please submit your work and applications to SmunchyGames@gmail.com

Submission Process

Submissions will be accepted digitally, via email. Please do not send us printed transcripts.

The content provided within the submission may include word documents, PDFs, or google docs. Please also include a few sentences stating what IP Title your submission is for.

Once we’ve received your submission, it will be looked over by one of our writers/editors. Expect a follow-up email within 5 – 14 business days.


Smunchy Games will pay $0.06 per word.

Your submission will be reviewed by our lead writer and product teams, and will also run through a plagiarism review. This is a precaution that we take as a publisher and it is something we take seriously when it comes to creative works.

One-Shot Modules

One-Shot modules will only be looked at if they contain between 3,500 – 4,000 words.

Two-Shot Modules

Two-Shot modules will only be looked at if they contain between 7,000 – 10,000 words

Multi-Part Campaigns

Submissions closed


Submissions closed

IP Titles

Paths: World of Adia

Open for submissions


Open for submissions

Shadow Tantrum

Closed for submissions

Necromancer 3086

Closed for submissions

Rift Shifters

Closed for submissions

Dawn of the Dragonkin

Closed for submissions

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